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청소년극 [Tank ; 0-24] Poster

Tank ; 0-24

26 Oct, 2023~ 19 Nov, 2023

  • Venue

    Myeongdong Theater 

  • Genre


  • Show Time

    Weekdays 7:30pm ㅣSat & Sun 3pm

  • Tickets

    R 40,000KRW | S 30,000KRW

  • Duration

    80 minutes. Subject to change

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  • Language Korean

    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 11 and over

Tank ; 0-24 NTCK’s First Theater for Young Audiences Production to Be Staged on Myeongdong Theater

The National Theater Company of Korea’s Theater for Young Audiences(TYA) production is finally taking the stage at Myeongdong Theater. This production marks the convergence of unconventional theatrical styles brought to life by the celebrated scenographer Yeo Shin Dong, who has captured the admiration of both audiences and critics, and the unique world of music by musician Oh Hyuk, known for his distinct perspective. On the expanded stage, a more sophisticated and dynamic fusion of theater and music unfolds!




‘0-24' The Gate towards to the Journey of Self-Discovery Opens

Life is an individual journey of self-discovery that we create for ourselves. From birth to age 24, as the vast portal opens, a simultaneously intimidating and exhilarating, serene yet spectacular exploration of the period known as “youth” begins.

NTCK's TYA Research Center, which has explored “youth” from a range of perspectives over the past decade, explores “youth” as a time that extends beyond a single moment in life to an entire lifetime.




At What Point in Life, at What Age Are You Currently?

As we approach the culmination of this journey, having traversed numerous phases of life across diverse worlds,

we encounter our true selves and seek the answer to the question we have tirelessly pursued.





A gigantic gate is on stage, and five people are standing in front of it, each abiding their time.

As they face the future in their own ways, their gaze becomes interlaced with the flow of time.

Someone they’ve been waiting to meet. Something they’ve been wanting to find.

Finally, they take a step into what lies beyond the gate.


Creator, Scenographer & Director Yeo Shin Dong

An innovative and visionary artist, Yeo Shin Dong has been involved in the design and scenography of various plays, musicals and concerts since making his debut with the musical Laundry in 2007. With a prominent presence in the Korean theater scene, Yeo has received a number of awards, including the Dong-A Theater Award, the Korea Musical Award, and the K-Theater Award. In 2014, he was honored with the Today's Young Artist Award from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. In 2013, Yeo made his directorial debut with Savoy Sauna, a groundbreaking and imaginative stage production, and in the following year, he earned widespread critical acclaim with Flight Boy KW4839, which introduced a pioneering form of Theater for young audience. Yeo Shin Dong continues to evolve as an artist, transcending between from a scenographer to a theater director with a new concept.


Major Works


Theater: Othello, Hamlet, We Are (Not) a Joke, The Laramie Project, Stranger’s Song, The Old Man and the Sea, Sonyeoga, The Skin of Our Teeth

Exhibition: Club Gros-Câlin

Concert: Round and Round



Theater: Bulmeong, Go One Hour LOOP, pan123me1, Flight Boy KW4839, Savoy Sauna

Exhibition: NTCK 70th Anniversary - The Face of Theater

Concert: Hyukoh concert: how to find true love and happiness, Se So Neon concert: 2020NEON concert, Jung Jaeil in concert