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I am a Murderer

24 Apr, 2019~ 19 May, 2019

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    Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater 

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    Weekdays 19:30 ㅣWeekends, Holidays 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    90 minutes

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  • Language  Korean

    Age Restriction  Suitable for ages 14 and over

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The 54th Dong-a Theatre Awards

"Best Director", “Best Scenic Design”, "Best Performance"


Invited to Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in 2019


"A play that constantly blows your mind"

-Audience Review for the Premiere



The future you yearned for is destroyed!

Return of the dystopia that mesmerized audiences


There was an puzzling silence followed by overwhelming applause after the performance of <I am a Murderer> in 2017.

Bokko-chan, a robot loved by everyone, or a giant hole that absorbs earth's garbage gives the illusion of utopia that we all dreamt of.

The reality of idealism, however, is somewhat suffocating.

Shinichi Hoshi‘s writing definitely was worthy of his reputation as the master of Japanese science fiction.

Jun In-chul‘s vivid imagination that filled the stage has been proven by production being completely sold-out.


Prepare yourself, if you have not been fortunate enough to have experienced this universe yet.

Just as you are swept away by the accelerating speed of a dystopia unfolding,

You will be hit by a sudden slap on the face!


Hey you over there!

"Want me to kill you?"




One. Bokko-chan is a sophisticated robot created by the master of "Bar", which is capable of giving simple answers.

"Want me to kill you?" "Please do."


Two. A young man living a secluded life after embezzling company money can no longer stand the solitude.

"Is there anyone who knows me?"


Three. A mysterious hole popped up after a typhoon. There is no response from it.

"Hey, Come out!"


Four. On the night of Friday. the 13th when my wife went out, a devil appeared from a mirror.

"I obtained an excellent pet!"


Five. Men from the outer space finally return to earth, after decades.

"Nothing but endless space awaits them."


Six. The National Research Institute’s president stole public funds only for a single device.

"I created a device that this world absolutely needs."




This play is originally based on the six "Short-short Stories", by Japanese writer Shinichi Hoshi. ⓒThe Hoshi Library / Shinchosha



Original novel written by Shinichi Hoshi

Celebrated Japanese science fiction novelist and pioneer of the 'short-short' genre: novels shorter than short stories. Shinichi Hoshi’s novels mesmerize readers by embracing universal human sentiments in a mysterious form, ending with a twist that turns around the expectations. Several collections of short stories were translated and published in over 30 different countries. Since 2013, The Nikkei (Japanese Economics Newspaper) is presenting the "Shinichi Hoshi Literary Awards" to the most loved Japanese science fiction novel every year, to honor Shinichi Hoshi's contribution.


Adapted & Directed by Jun In-chul

Director of Theatre Dolpagu. Started his career as a director with the play "Silence" in 2006. He received attention as a director in his work <Sister Mokran>, a story that depicts South Korea through the eyes of a female North Korean defector. He has been well received by audiences and critics for his work with playwright Kim Eun-sung in <Uncle Soonwoo> and <Si-dong Tailor>. Jun In-chul accomplished splendid feat, as <I am a Murderer> that he himself adapted and directed was given the triple crown at the 54th Dong-A Theatre Awards in 2017.