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[젊은연출가전] 나는 살인자입니다 Poster

[Young Director Series] I am a murderer

10 Nov, 2017~ 27 Nov, 2017

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    The Theater Pan 

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    Weekdays 20:00 ㅣWeekends 15:30ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    135 minutes (+15 mins interval)

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    Language Korean


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

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“Now this is what I call life!”


Novelist Hoshi Shinichi is known for his ‘short-short’ novel, that is even shorter than a short novel. For a novelist who has created a huge ripple effect on Japanese science fiction literature, just ten manuscripts are enough for a novel. His stories that draw a solitary and funny but a sad daily life are so vivid that it is hard to believe it’s the work of a writer that lived in the past century. Amid the ironic reality where the assailant becomes the victim even before you know it, these episodes continue endlessly, but after being exposed to one, you cannot take your eyes off of the rest. Beware of Hoshi Shinichi’s sudden but powerful punch that catches you off guard when you are busy laughing.





Jun In-chul, the one name to remember.


The thirteenth stage of ‘Young Director Series’, the youngest and challenging program endowed by the National Theater Company of Korea, is led by Jun In-chul, a director whose works are greatly anticipated. Having grasped both the social message and theatrical amusement in <Sister Mokran> and <Yellow Envelope>, this time, Jun has chosen the father of Japanese science fiction novels, Hoshi Shinichi, and satirizes our future. Actors receiving the most attention recently including Kim Jeong-ho, Lee Bong-ryun, and Kim Jung-min participate in the theater, breathing and living through dozens of characters. The unlimited imagination of the writer meets Director Jun who magically surpasses time and space that can only be seen in theaters, and they capture the audience with one blow.







A robot that remembers its owner who it used to serve on earth while waiting for death, a civil servant with a gloomy future who dutifully goes to meet citizens who are selected randomly everyday to control population, and an adorable devil that appears on Friday 13th. The dystopia of the future full of brilliant ideas unfolds in a way that exceeds the imagination. 


※ This performance was produced based on the eight original short-short stories by the Japanese Novelist, Hoshi Shinichi (星 新一, 1926-1997).

 ⓒThe Hoshi Library / Shinchosha


Original work by Hoshi Shinichi


Hoshi Shinichi is a science fiction novelist who represents Japan. As the pioneer of the ‘short-short’ form which is even shorter than a short novel, Hoshi Shinichi is a genius writer who captivated readers with his stories that unravel universal emotions in the form of mysteries and overturns readers’ anticipations with an unexpected twist. He has more than one thousand pieces of work to his name, written throughout his life, and several collection of short stories including 『Bokko-chan』 have been translated and published in more than thirty countries, securing enthusiastic fans worldwide.



Dramatization and Direction by Jun In-chul


Jun In-chul started his work as a director through <Silence> in 2006. His works collaborated with an old colleague, playwright Kim Eun-sung, including <Uncle Soon-woo>, <Sidong Lasa>, and <Sister Mokran> were acclaimed, and works including <Yellow Envelope> and <Game> also enjoyed the limelight as theaters that dealt with social and political contradictions. Jun founded the theater company, ‘Dolpagu(Breakthrough)’, in 2015 and has been working there since.