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The National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK) delves into contemporary issues, engages in theatrical experiments with creatives, and seeks to build connection and solidarity with audiences through art. Our new work incubating program ‘Changzak Gonggam’, which considers various theatrical possibilities and realizes them on stage, consists of three parts.
‘Changzak Gonggam: Writers’ explores the contemporaneity of different playwrights and supports them to write new plays.
‘Changzak Gonggam: Directors’ provides space for theater directors to conduct thematic experiments.
‘Changzak Gonggam: Plays’ discovers outstanding plays throughout the year.
Furthermore, by publishing the playscripts of our original productions and other relevant materials, we share theatre—an art form of time and space—with more people, and our digital and physical archives preserve the history of theatre.

Changzak Gonggam

· Changzak Gonggam: Writers

With the aim of fostering new talent in playwriting and bringing about the birth of original plays on contemporary issues, this program provides support every step of the way—from the ideation stage to the entire writing process. The results are plays on such timely issues as diversity, sustainability and digital transformation. They are first presented as reading performances, and then staged in the following year.

· Changzak Gonggam: Directors

The aim of this program is to develop original plays with leading directors in the field. We set such annual themes as Disability and Art (2021), Climate Change and Art (2022), and Scientific Technology and Art (2023). Each participating director starts from their existing plans, conducts research and workshops, presents a showcase, and then finally stages a new production in the following year, collaborating with NTCK throughout the entire process.

· Changzak Gonggam: Plays

NTCK searches for new original plays that convey various issues, values and experiences of contemporary life in creative and experimental ways. Our year-round online submission program is open to everyone regardless of age and experience. We review all submissions, and provide an opportunity for playwrights to recognize the development possibilities of their works.
We publish the playscripts of our original productions, and record the production process of each work, as well as our creative, academic and educational programs. By doing so, we organize and share the history of NTCK.

All Publications (Korean Only)
Digital Archive
All the information regarding NTCK’s productions from 1950 to the present and other related materials have been archived and preserved for future generations. These records are available on NTCK’s Digital Archive which is continually expanded and updated with new data.

Digital Archive (Korean Only)