National Theater Company of KOREA

Education Program

NTCK started education programs to train future theater actors and to help understanding of audiences. The program includes lecture-type class es as well as classes in which participants can experience performing on stage as well as actors’ training workshops. The program also includes re- training and re-education classes taught by experts for practitioners and actors. In addition, NTCK seeks to prompt more discussion on theater, to promote ways for more self-reflections for people involved in theater, and to develop a new language of theater while documenting the rehearsal process of all productions. By facilitating more meaningful communication between artists and audiences, NTCK hopes to pioneer a new direction for theater in Korea as well as providing educational programs for people working in theater.

·   Programs for Audiences

Programs for Audiences

NTCK offers a variety of classes for everyone who wishes to know more about theater; the classes include drama reading, lectures, stage experiences, and performance discussion. The program also offers ‘Post-show Talk with Artists’ in which anyone is welcome to ask actors or directors questions about their performances as well as Amateur Acting Class for amateurs.

·   Programs for Actors

Programs for Actors

With an aim to educate future actors and to share the concerns and proble ms of the creative process for the future collaboration and productions, NTCK holds ‘Master Classes’, ‘Next Generation Actors Studio’, works hops and programs as an open place for discussion for methodologies. The humanities lectures called ‘Monday 5 p.m.’ are also offered on Monday, the day when no performances are scheduled. The classes deal with topics of humanities and art for the general public as well as people working in the theater.

·   Publications


In order to document productions and to promote further discussions on alternative performing arts and art theories, NTCK has established a research & publication division which is responsible for publishing Rehearsal Book, and Geukjak Sueop, a book format collection of documentations to archive the rehearsal process of the major repertoires of the company.