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  • Myeongdong Theater

    Myeongdong Theater


The National Theater Company of Korea used to operate three dedicated theaters: the Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater, the Theater PAN, and the Myeongdong Theater. However, since the construction of a new modern theater on the former site of the Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater in Seogye-dong began in 2023, the NTCK has been temporarily housed in Hongik Daehangno Art Center_small theater, and currently operates a two-theater system (Myeongdong Theater and Hongik Daehangno Art Center_small theater). In the future, NTCK will continue to pioneer a new path for theater with innovative and moving performances.

·   Myeongdong Theater

Myeongdong Theater

Myeongdong Theater reopened after a complete make-over except for its exterior which was left untouched as its record of time. The theater has 547 seats, and from any seating position, everyone is able to have a close view of the stage. The distance between the seats and stage is minimized to satisfy both actors and audiences, and the stage is versatile to accommodate any productions.

·   Hongik Daehangno Art Center_small theater

Hongik Daehangno Art Center_small theater

Hongik Daehangno Art Center Small Theater highlights the unique creativity of a black box theater, making it possible to present various types of works that go beyond the conventional concept of the stage.