National Theater Company of KOREA


19 May, 2022~ 12 Jun, 2022

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    The Theater Pan 

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    Weekdays 7:30pm ㅣSat & Sun 3pmㅣNo performance on Tuesday * 5.26.Thu, 6.6.Mon 3pm

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    80 minutes. Subject to change.

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  • Language Korean


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

※ In the event of a confirmed case or a close contact of Covid-19, the production may be suspended or cancelled, and all tickets will be fully refunded without incurring cancellation fees. We will send out further instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation.

The NTCK presents a series of one-act plays for young audiences!


Three playwrights have joined hands to create Tractor, a series of one-act plays for young audiences filled with the warmth of the early summer. Han Hyun-chu is the writer of the sold-out production A Boy Did It; Heo Seon-hye’s writing credits include Young-ji; and up-and-coming writer Na Su-min takes on the challenge of creating theater for young audiences from a new perspective. In Tractor, the three writers use the lively chemistry among themselves to portray characters engaging in the “tiki-taka” style exchanges, and exciting adventures unfolding in the unfathomable time-space that could be either real or imaginary. A seemingly nonchalant utterance brings profound consolation. The production will be livestreamed online for two days for all those in need of laughter and consolation but can’t visit the theater in person.



“I’m just here being nobody. That’s all.”


Sometimes, a simple statement gives us new strength. The assurance “It’s okay” is perhaps more powerful than anything else, as it helps us break free from the incessant spell of “I should have, or I shouldn’t have.” The play tells the story of the one who has undergone the same accident, and lost the body, and for whom the world has come to a halt. Even if our final effort should fall apart into pieces, they comfort us by saying that it’s okay and that we’ve done enough.





7906 Bus by Han Hyun-chu


Late at night, the last 7906 Bus has nearly reached its final destination. Besides the driver Ja-young, high school students Se-young and Eun-ho are the only two passengers left on the bus. Suddenly, the bus breaks down, putting the three in a predicament. The bus has come to a stop near the Neighborhood Park. Three days ago, Ja-young, Se-young and Eun-ho got involved in an absurd accident there.



Bread and Tent by Heo Seon-hye


At a camp site, the 24-hour hunger experience program is in full swing. The actor is about to eat a piece of bread from his secret stash in the tent. Then, one child walks into the tent claiming to the actor’s fan. The child takes the actor’s hand and leads him outside, asking him to help find “the body.” Unexpectedly, the actor joins the child on a bizarre journey to find the body.



A Small, White Dot by Na Su-min


“As for me, I need time.”

Gang-jun examines his mother’s breast cancer X-ray photographs at the Women’s Cancer Center.

Ji-o holds her breath underwater in the swimming pool.

How am I supposed to let you go?

How should I describe you?

In the midst of the dizzying, swirling light, they come face to face.

The world pauses for a moment.



Director Kwon Young-ho


Director and movement director of Theater Company Fabulator.

Kwon Young-ho began his career as an actor, before exploring his other talents as a dancer and choreographer He now works are as a movement director and theater director. Kwon believes that theater is an orchestra of living bodies. Living bodies move around on stage, and encounter other bodies to create truly moving stories.


Major Works


Why Did I Devour My Father, Odysseus, Half-line, Playing with Fire



Writer Han Hyun-chu


Han Hyun-chu hovers around the point where theater meets reality or somewhere between the two, and writes hesitantly.


Major Works


House Sonata, Monster B, A Boy Did It (adapted), Jemulpo Across Jandari, Yongganji from the Brook, Lactic Acid Bacteria and the Punk, Words Stuck in the Spring




The 58th Dong-A Theater Award Best Play (House Sonata)

The 1st Byucksan Playwriting Award (878 Meters of Spring)




Writer Heo Seon-hye


Heo Seon-hye likes to reveal things that are small or difficult to notice. She hopes to become a horned cat looking for something fun to do between reality and fiction, and thus continues to re-write the fictional world.


Major Works


Ji-jang Is Here, Young-ji, The Hamster Murder Case




Writer Na Su-min


Na Su-min pays attention to people who are so preoccupied with something that they fall down and bump into things. What in the world is on their minds? She goes over there to see, and discovers stories—small, everyday life stories that nevertheless resonate with many. Then it’s her turn to fall down while observing them. And they get up and walk past her, preoccupied with something else. Then she goes after them again, and the cycle repeats itself.


Major Work


The Diary of a 99% Genius