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Climate Emergency: A Rehearsal

11 May, 2022~ 05 Jun, 2022

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    Myeongdong Theater 

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    Weekdays 7:30pm ㅣSat & Sun 3pmㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    R 60,000KRW | S 45,000KRW | A 30,000KRW

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    100 minutes. Subject to change.

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  • Language Korean

    * English subtitles are provided on Thursdays and Sundays(except 5/26). 

    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 8 and over

※ In the event of a confirmed case or a close contact of Covid-19, the production may be suspended or cancelled, and all tickets will be fully refunded without incurring cancellation fees. We will send out further instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation.

We know about climate emergency, but so what?

Climate Emergency: A Rehearsal exposes the climate crisis that we’ve all experienced first-hand but refused to recognize. Playwright and director Jeon Yoon-hwan once again delves into a timely issue, which is evident at every moment of the production, promotion and viewing stages. One spot in the rather belated rehearsal is reserved for you. We must confront the present climate emergency—before it’s too late. The Earth is running out of time.




A Rehearsal for the Final Sixty Seconds on the Doomsday Clock

The sudden outbreak of a virus, violence and exploitation of unknown origin. Our world has come to a halt. The eleven “I’s” living in the suspended today come to a realization, deny reality, regret, and become enraged. It’s time to turn the doomsday clock back sixty seconds in the hope that the frozen present is not the end. A documentary plays in the still theater. Hopefully, our theaters and everyday lives will be rebuilt.





The current climate emergency has raised the alarm. Despite incessant warmings from scientists around the world, climate crisis is often regarded a story of a distant country or a story of distant future. As if it were a fictional story. Due to rising sea levels, some islands have disappeared. An author living on an island struggles to write a play about climate crisis. The author looks up speeches and lectures on the matter, but fails to write anything. A kind of confessions begins amidst anger, depression and sadness. 


In the wake of Covid-19, the world and the stage have come to a halt.

What kind of world should we envision now?

What kind of practice should we undertake?

Written & directed by Jeon Yoonhwan (President of AND Theatre)

A member of the 6th group of Theatre Lab Hyehwa-dong No. 1, Jeon Yoon-hwan founded the theater company AND Theater, which served as the resident organization of the Bupyeong Arts Center (2008~2020), and then the Incheon Art Platform. Based in Incheon, Jeon seeks to create works that turn the theater into a platform for discussion. He previously produced a number of “documentary plays” through long dialogues with the participating creatives. His recent interests include collaboration, time and space.