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[창작공감: 연출] 본 공연 - 소극장판-타지 Poster

Theater Pan-tasy

20 Apr, 2022~ 01 May, 2022

  • Venue

    The Theater Pan 

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  • Show Time

    Weekdays 8pm ㅣSat & Sun 2pmㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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  • Duration

    60 minutes. Subject to change.

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  • Language Korean


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 8 and over

※ As per our preventive measures against Covid-19, all visitors will be required to fill out a mobile questionnaire and have their temperature checked before entering the theater. Please allow extra time for these quarantine procedures.


※ In the event of a confirmed case or a close contact of Covid-19, the production may be suspended or cancelled, and all tickets will be fully refunded without incurring cancellation fees. We will send out further instructions on how to proceed with the cancellation.

[Changzak Gonggam: Directors] Director No. 3 Kang Boreum Theater Pan-tasy


Kang Boreum, a director who turns certainty into uncertainty, turns her attention to NTCK’s Theater Pan, where diverse sensibilities congregate. Inside the theater, there is a body with countless eyes, ears, hands and mouths. When it starts talking, you need not catch every word. If you do not understand everything, it’s alright to let things slip away casually. Theater Pan-tasy offers a playground for all—a play to be perceived with your senses first and foremost! Expect to encounter a fantasy the moment you enter the theater.


"If you say a word often enough, it becomes you."

Inside the theater, there is a body with nearly 100 (99.5 to be precise) eyes, 100 (actually, 101) ears, 100 hands and 50 mouths. We will now try to talk with and about this body.

“Hello, did you sleep well last night? Have you eaten? How are you? Are you well rested?”


Changzak Gonggam: Directors

Launched for the purpose of developing original plays with leading directors in the field, this program presents three new productions following the Sharing the Creative Process stage. In 2021, directors Kim Mi-ran, Jin Yeob Lee, and Kang Bo-reum explored the timely theme of “Disability and Art” and developed their own creative process by engaging in free discussions and experimenting with various forms. The three new works—staged consecutively in Theater PAN—showcase diverse modes of communication between disabled and non-disabled people, including an encounter between people with hearing loss and hearing people, participation from audience members relying on the senses of touch and hearing, and a search for “misfit” with both disabled (visual, hearing, brain lesion) and non-disabled actors.

*Misfit: Something that occurs when the material arrangements of the individual and the environment are mutually inconsistent


Directed & Arranged by Kang Boreum

A member of Project Readymade, Kang Boreum seeks to reveal the uncertainty and unnaturalness of what people take for granted here and now. Kang is interested in the way different words and bodies interact together.


[Directorial Credits]

Gaga was Here, Once, I’m Not That Contemporary: Apple Department Store, Modern Girl Times, When We Were Orphans, Readymade Life