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[창작공감: 작가] 본 공연 - 서울 도심의 개천에서도 작은발톱수달이 이따금 목격되곤 합니다 Poster

Once Upon a Time, There Was an Asian Small-Clawed Otter Living in Seoul City

20 Apr, 2022~ 01 May, 2022

  • Venue

    Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater 

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    Weekdays 7:30pm ㅣSat & Sun 5pmㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    115 minutes. Subject to change.

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  • Language Korean


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

Let me tell you a story.

The story of people who cherished their dreams.




[Changzak Gonggam: Writers] Writer No. 3 Bae Hae-Youl 

Writer Bae Hae-Youl has his own unique way of assembling delicate understanding and observations of other people. In this work, Bae explores love and communication among the marginalized. The good intentions hidden here and there throughout the story shine ever more brightly at the hands of director Lee Rae-eun. The play invites us to gaze into a marble glistening with Asian small-clawed otters that have drifted into central Seoul from somewhere. A fairy tale that has never been read by anymore embraces those who endeavor to get on with life ‘despite it all.’







Seoul’s streams flood from time to time. 

Opps! It started raining. It’s raining cats and dogs. The streams are overflowing, and the nest and the marble are being washed away.


Ji-hye asks children’s story writer Young-won to create a story about an Asian small-clawed otter. Before Young-won can even make a start, Ji-hye is found dead on a walking path along Seongbukcheon. Young-won decides to fulfil Ji-hye’s request, albeit belatedly, and quietly looks into the life of the deceased, who had permeated into zir life from somewhere. In turn, Young-won ruminates on zir own life, too. An adventure story imbued with a sense healing, An Asian Small-clawed Otter and a Marble starts shining from Young-won’s fingertips.






[Changzak Gonggam: Writers]


Designed to foster new talent in playwriting and support production of original contemporary plays, this program presents three new plays on the stage—following a preparation process. For the past year, three writers—namely Shin Hae-yeon, Bae Hae-Youl and Kim Do-young—have been engaged in a creative journey with NTCK, sharing ideas on contemporary discourses, writing plays, and thus developing their own artistic worlds. The three plays—staged consecutively in Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater at the hands of Dong I-Hyang, Shin Jae-hoon, and Lee Rae-eun, directors celebrated for their distinctive styles—invites the audience to explore diverse issues including various human conditions amidst depression, consolation and history as well as climate crisis and sustainability.

Playwright Bae Hae-Youl 

Director Lee Rae-eun