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Crocodile Poetry

20 Nov, 2020~ 29 Nov, 2020

  • Venue

    The Theater Pan 

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    Weekdays 20:00 ㅣWeekends 15:30ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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  • Duration

    80 minutes

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  • Language Korean

    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

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Crocodile Poetry


You’re a crocodile, no matter what people say.

Yes, I’m. You’re looking at a crocodile.


The play introduces us to a poet living in a world that no longer requires poetry and a crocodile lying in a big red tub with its muzzle tied up in front of a health food shop. The poet wants to see the animal hunt successfully as befits a crocodile and sink its teeth into the world. Will it ever become a ‘true’ crocodile? Will the poet be able to write poems again? Shin Hae-yeon previously delved into men’s internal anguish in her directorial works Fifteen and Body Fluid. This time, she directs her own play aimed at those who have meandered aimlessly with no sense of identity.








A poet comes across a baby crocodile with its muzzle tied up, waiting to be sold outside a health food shop.

‘How did you end up here? This is no place for you.’

The poet decides to bring the crocodile home in order to ensure that it lives like a true crocodile. He teaches the animal the laws of the city and what it means to be a crocodile.