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[우리연극 원형의 재발견③ 하지맞이 놀굿풀굿] 쇼케이스 <당클매다> Poster

Hajimaji nolgutpulgut: Dangkeulmaeda(Spirit Awaits)

10 Jul, 2020~ 12 Jul, 2020

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    Studio - One 

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    Friday 18:30ㅣWeekend 14:00

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  • Language Korean

    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

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About the Showcase

Rediscovery of the Archetype of Korean Theater III


The showcases of Celebrating the Summer Solstice: Hajimaji nolgutpulgut reinterpret the messages of communication, consolation and empathy embedded in gut (Korean shamanic ritual). Through various attempts to achieve an interface between gut and theater, they serve as yeonhaengja, thereby breaking free from the popular conceptions of gut, and connecting theater with the audience. These showcases with different themes and forms have been produced by three yeonhaengja from various fields—carefully selected by the yeonhee director Nam In-woo in consideration of the purpose of the project.

* Yeonhaengja: the role of an intermediary between gods and humans in a traditional gut ritual usually fulfilled by a shaman



Dangkeulmaeda(Spirit Awaits)


Headed by yeonhaengja Ko Dong-uk, the interdisciplinary artist collective EASThug garnered much attention in January 2020 for Gut, Trance and Exhilaration—a modern take on the musical elements of gut that visualized as data the brainwaves of performers in a state of trance. In Dangkeulmaeda(Spirit Awaits), they invite the audience to become part of their creative world through stage light and reinterpreted music of gut. By sharing their experience of finding solace in art, they aim to convey the messages of consolation inherent in gut in a new way.





“When I summoned gods with sound, they arrived as lights!”

The versatile rhythms and highly intensive and explosive movements usually associated with gut receive modern interpretations, filling the space with new music and colorful lights. The diverse images of gut engaging with the live audience dissolve the boundary between the stage and the audience, and thus create a space where gods and humans are brought together.

* Dangkeul: A sacrificial table placed in the center of the house and used for gut on Jeju Island