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When You Arrive at the Other Side of the Night

03 Dec, 2020~ 20 Dec, 2020

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    Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater 

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    Weekdays 19:30 ㅣWeekends 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    90 minutes

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    Suitable for ages 14 and over


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The Play Postbox  Project No. 2

When You Arrive at the Other Side of the Night


This winter, more than ever before, we are in need of warmth and friendliness. Yoo Heyul’s When You Arrive at the Other Side of the Night will be staged for the very first time in Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater. The playwright’s calm gaze towards the chaotic world unpacks some profound questions—at the hands of director Lee Eun-jun, whose credits include Theater Goebbels and Yulgu. The realistic depictions of characters based on Kim Su-Young’s poetry hit home with all of us putting up with our respective worlds.





“Perhaps life consists of things we can’t discard rather than things we choose for ourselves.”


The death of a friend who withered away namelessly; my wife’s dream pushed aside by the rigors of life; and my once grandiose beliefs—what else have we let slip through our fingers and scatter unawares, while looking back on things we lost? We’ve tried to live life to the fullest, but have we found the right way? The play prompts you to consider your own well being in a calm and serene manner—uneventfully—like poetry.





Hyung-jin serves as vice president of a civic group. He used to be a social activist during his college days, but now he is yet another member of the older generation. On the anniversary of the death of his college classmate Yun-gi, he goes out for a few drinks with his friends Hyun and Si-hyung; he reproaches himself for his failure to keep up with the world. Then, as Hyung-jin stumbles under the weight of the knowledge that his efforts and hard work have yielded nothing, Yun-gi appears and recites Kim Su-Young’s poetry for him—words that once consoled Yun-gi sinking into endless darkness, like a bird landing by a dark window.

Written by Yoo Heyul

Yoo Heyul majored in psychology at university and made her literary debut with the publication of the picture book King of the Desert (2017). In 2019, her first play, A Visitor from Across the Night was selected by the Play Postbox—NTCK’s year-round submission program designed to discover new talent in theater. Yoo uses poet Kim Su-Young’s language to deliver deep insight into her own generation as well as the past and future generations.


Directed by Lee Eun-jun

Ever since her entry into the world of theater in 2001, Lee Eun-jun has worked extensively with Theater Company Golmokil. In 2014, she established Theater Troupe Catcher. With a wide range of directorial credits under her belt, Lee focuses on heartwarming and easy-to-follow stories that the audience can explore together. By winning the 55th Dong-A Theater Best New Director Award in 2019, she established herself as one the most important young voices in Korean theater.