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[해외초청] 인테리어즈 Interiors Poster


15 Nov, 2019~ 17 Nov, 2019

  • Venue

    Myeongdong Theater 

  • Genre


  • Show Time

    Friday 19:30 ㅣSaturday 15:00 / 19:30ㅣSunday 15:00

  • Tickets

    R 50,000 KRWㅣS 35,000 KRWㅣA 20,000 KRW

  • Duration

    90 mins (No Intermission)

  • Enquiry


  • Language English


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

* As per the director’s request, late entries will be kept to a minimum. Latecomers will be directed to the back rows on the second floor. If you arrive after the show starts, please follow the instructions of our ushers. 

* Given the nature of the performance, additional tickets will be released after close consultation with the production team. Please refer to our website for further information on additional ticket sales.

* Please note that extra rows may be made available at a later time in addition to those initially released: rows 2~3 of the centre block on the first floor and row 1 on the second floor.

* A raised set (about 70cm from the floor) will be installed on the stage, which may offer a partially restrict view to those sitting in the front row and in the side blocks on the first floor. Please check the image below before choosing your seat.



2012 Argus Angel Award Interiors

2009 Critics Awards for Theatre Scotland Interiors



What you see is not everything!

What if someone exposes truths buried in everyday life? In Interiors, director Matthew Lenton explores the other side of the human mind. A lone voice in the midst of silence has a hypnotic effect on the audience. As their innermost feelings are laid bare, we, too, encounter our true selves. The moment we leave the theatre, another journey into the interior begins from the depth of our hearts.



It’s a dangerous world out here. Outside of the house.

They seem like a happy family, but each of them has a secret or two. They never set a foot outside the house. What are they afraid of? Although unable to hear them, I can discern what’s on their minds. If you’re curious about the story, I’ll whisper it into your ear. By your side, I can be just about anything. As an echo of life or a guide, I’m always with you. I hereby invite you to this splendid yet strange party. Cheers!


About the Company

Vanishing Point

Vanishing Point is a theatre company based in Scotland. For the past two decades, the company has garnered popularity and critical acclaim for its ground-breaking and visionary approach to theatre. It has ventured outside the traditional theatre space to present performances in various venues such as streets and festivals. Through its innovative endeavours, the company offers theatrical catharsis to contemporary audiences.


Directed by Matthew Lenton

In several of his works, Matthew Lenton invites audiences to another space in the interior of the stage. His theatre, with such newfound interpretations of space, has been received with enthusiasm across Europe, Africa and Asia. In recent years, he has worked regularly at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, where his interaction with students has been a constant source of inspiration.


Major works

<The Dark Carnival> <The Destroyed Room> <Interiors> <Tomorrow>

<The Beautiful Cosmos of lvor Cutler> <1984> <charlie Sonata> <Home>

<The Merchant of Venice> <Striptease and Out at Sea>

<A midsummer Night’s Dream> <Mister Holgado> <Journeyman>

<Tabula Rasa> <Bartok's Bluebeard's Castle and William Paterson's the 8th Door>



2012 Argus Angel Award Interiors

2009 Critics Awards for Theatre Scotland Interiors


Original novel

Interiors was inspired by Intérior (1894) by Maurice Maeterlinck, the Nobel laureate.