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The Chronicles of Alibis

16 Oct, 2019~ 10 Nov, 2019

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    Myeongdong Theater 

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    Weekdays 19:30 ㅣWeekends 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday
    ※ 6 Nov(Wed) 15:00

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    R 50,000KRW | S 35,000KRW | A 20,000KRW

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    160 mins(including intermission)

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  • Language Korean

    English subtitles will be provided on every Thursday and Sunday.


    Age Restriction  Suitable for ages 14 and over

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Best Production & Best Actor at the 50th Dong-A Theatre Awards (2013)

Best Actor & Best Stage Design at the 6th Korean Theatre Awards (2013)

3 Best Productions of the Year, Korean Association of Theatre Critics (2013)

7 Best Productions of the Year, The Korean Theatre Review (2013)

Best Actor at the 35th Seoul Theatre Festival (2014)





“I’ve got something to tell you that I’ve never shared with anyone before.”


29th December, 2003.

Today, I’ve learned the most important secrete of my father’s life.



He desperately wanted to conceal his past and constantly set up alibis. The play’s premiere in 2013 received enthusiastic responses from audiences. The father’s heartrending chronicle will once again make those with bitterness in the depths of their hearts reflect on their lives full of ups and downs. The father who chooses to ‘live in the middle’ without belonging anywhere is played by the irreplaceable Nam Myeong-ryul, whose sincere performance creates a profound resonance on stage. Jung Won-jo and Ji Chun-seong from the initial cast are back to continue the deeply moving journey.




 “I keep creating alibis because I can’t live with the truth.”



My name is Jae-yeop.

I have written and directed The Chronicles of Alibis.

This play is about my father, my brother and myself. My father, the late Kim Tae-yong, was born in Taipan (now Osaka), Japan, in 1930.


Years ago, my father sobbed in front of the boot camp where I’d received my basic military training.

For some reason, the image of my father’s tears that day stuck with me for many years afterwards.

It took me a long time to understand those tears.


In his final moments, my father told me about one alibi.

Throughout his life, he’d been used to opaque truths and the deafening roar of bombardment.

Should the moment ever come for me to confess my life’s alibi, will I have the same courage as my father?








Kim Jae-yeop (Playwright & Director)


Playwright and theatre director Kim Jae-yeop began to garner attention when he won the 2002 Spring Writing Contest hosted by The Hankook Ilbo. He was previously a member of the 4th group of Hyehwa-dong Theater Lab. In addition to such documentary-style works as The Chronicles of Alibis and Hospital Girls Never Return Home, Kim made a powerful impression with Remote Backwater Island—a highly dramatic play. Currently, he serves as the artistic director of Dreamplay Thesis 21, and teaches at Korea National University of Arts.


Major Works


Mourning People

Hospital Girls Never Return Home

Thoughts Are Free

Remote Backwater Island

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Daesan Literary Prize for Drama (2015)—The Chronicles of Alibis

Best Production & Best Actor at Dong-A Theatre Awards (2013)—The Chronicles of Alibis

Best Play at the Seoul Theater Festival (2011)—Here Exists a Human Being

Best Director at Miryang Summer Performing Arts Festival (2009)—Who Will Save Korea’s Twentysomethings?

Grand Prix and Best Director at Geochang International Festival of Theater (2005)—Waiting for a Ghost 

The Hanbook Ilbo Spring Writing Contest (2002)—Persona