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[연출의 판-연출가전] 까마귀의 눈 Poster

[Director’s PAN: Director’s Story] Crow’s Eye

11 Oct, 2019~ 03 Nov, 2019
“Poem No. 1” in Ogamdo by Yi Sang

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    The Theater Pan 

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    Thursday, Friday 19:30ㅣSaturday 15:00 19:30ㅣSunday 15:00

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  • Duration

    70 mins

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    · Language  Korean


    · Age Restriction  Suitable for ages 17 and over

※ You may purchase up to four tickets per performance.

- For each performance, only a small number of audience members are admitted. We advise that you dress in comfortable clothes as there are no seats available during the show.

- Please arrive at least 15 minutes before showtime and collect your ticket from the box office before entering the auditorium. Latecomers may not be admitted.

- As per the nature of improvisational theater, running times may vary slightly since each performance presents a different narrative and character development.

Thirteen children are running down a road.

The thirteen children are comprised of scared children and scary children.

- Excerpted from “Poem No. 1” in Ogamdo(Crow’s Eye View) by Yi Sang 



“Have you ever seen a stuffed genius?” Genius poet Yi Sang is brought back to life through Director’s PAN.


Celebrated as the most avant-garde poetry of the 20th century, Yi’s Ogamdo(Crow’s Eye View) drew immediate and vehement reactions upon its publication. Now, the doors of Ogamdo(Crow’s Eye View) open up again to invite us into a world too wretched for human eyes. The moment you enter the Theater Pan filled with unpredictable tension, everyone inside becomes a factor for various changes. You can completely change the show’s narrative structure with just one look or movement. Director Kim Cheolseung embodies a world steeped in anxiety through impromptu choices resulting in unrefined speech and actions.


Once again, thirteen children are running down a road. Who are the scared children?

Hold your breath and seize on the liveliest moment on stage! 




Director’s PAN

Break free from theatrical conventionality and set up a new platform! The NTCK’s creative project Director’s PAN invites contemporary directors to present their own aesthetics at the experimental space Theater Pan. This year, the project has expanded into two programs— Work in Progress and Director’s Story. The former serves as a theater lab for directors to develop their individual works under a common theme, while the latter presents a new work by one director who has explored diverse formal approaches beyond theatrical conventions.


Director Kim Cheolseung

Kim Cheolseung is currently Artistic Director of The Theatrical Laboratory Machal(friction). In 2002, he graduated from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television with a Master of Fine Arts in Theater Directing. Between 2004 and 2008, he served as an Artistic Director of Three Chairs Theatre Company. During this time, he wrote and directed several works based on the writings of such authors as Yi Sang, Chuang-tzu and the Brothers Grim to pursue physical representation of thoughts and emotions. In 2009, he founded The Theatrical Laboratory Machal(friction), where he continues his endeavors to create an improvised narrative structure for each performance by gathering various thoughts and emotions from participants and audience under a common theme.