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[청소년극] 죽고 싶지 않아 Poster

I Don't Want to Die

22 Aug, 2019~ 08 Sep, 2019

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    Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater 

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    90 mins

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    Language Korean


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

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* We will endeavor to admit latecomers at the first suitable opportunity, which may be the interval. For some Events late admission cannot be guaranteed.

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"It made me want to live, and be free."

- mine****



We’ll make you dance again!

An unstoppable, passionate performance to energize your life


Bursting with the energy of youths in a desperate struggle against the world, the Dance Theatre “I Don’t Want to Die” returns this summer! After two hugely successful runs in 2016 and 2018, a deluge of requests poured in for an encore performance. Dance is the most powerful means to breathe new life into your weary body and mind.


Bid goodbye to the world where you just want to die. Make sure you dress up properly to show respect for death. You must leave your final message on earth and enter with reverence. The stage is no longer reserved for dancers only. Shake your body that was once on the verge of death. You may discover a life instinct deep inside your heart!





"When I argued with my mom and slammed the door shut.

When I had my first period.

When I ran into my crush.

When I lost something precious.


I want to remember.

The moments that make me feel alive.

I feel my heart beating!"


Choreographer/Director Ryu Jang-hyun

Having shown a unique color with his straightforward, daring, and mischievous temperament, Ryu Jang-hyun presents his extraordinary talent by transforming mundane, daily life into creative and fresh dance movements through his uncanny ability to express freely. He is infinitely expanding upon his imagination and creativity by combining a unique choreography that encompassing all genres with a sense of humor and the ample experience that he has gathered from various walks of life.  


Major Works

Jokes(농담), 2016 I Don’t Want to Die, On top of the Blade, Fresh-caught Dance, Piano, Drunken Lucifer, I Am African, etc.



2007 Young Choreographers Creative Performance (Korea Dance Association), the Best Choreographer(최우수 안무자상)

2006 The 36th Dong-A Dance Competition, the Grand Prize



Art Director of the Dance Company “Ryu Jang-hyun and friends”

2012-13 An artist-in-residence at LIG Art Hall (LIG 문화재단 레지던스 아티스트 2기)

2009-10 ARKO Young Art Frontier Fellowship (Arts Council Korea) (한국문화예술위원회 Young Art Frontier 1기)