National Theater Company of KOREA

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14 Jun, 2019~ 07 Jul, 2019

  • Venue

    Myeongdong Theater 

  • Genre


  • Show Time

    Weekdays 19:30 ㅣWeekends 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

  • Tickets

    R 50,000KRW | S 35,000KRW | A 20,000KRW

  • Duration

    180 minutes

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  • Language Korean

    * English subtitles will be provided on every Thursdays and Sundays.

    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 20 and over

* Please ensure you arrive 30mins before the program time. The box office can be busy and you may need to queue.

* We will endeavor to admit latecomers at the first suitable opportunity, which may be the interval. For some Events late admission cannot be guaranteed.

* Re-entry is mostly NOT allowed. In an exceptional case of re-entering, you may be seated in alternate seat locations to avoid disruption of the performance.

* The discount on tickets will only be available when presented with the necessary papers or documents. Tickets have to be paid in full when they are not presented.

Is it worth seeing this ambitious would-be play for today?

My much mulled verdict: yes, absolutely.

- The Telegraph




Here is a group of lawyers who are prepared to deceive even a five-year-old in order to win a case.

They relish a battle of wits and have the ability to disguise conclusions as questions:

“You went to bed, didn’t you. Were you still drunk, would you say?”

For the purpose of driving someone into a corner, they do not hesitate to stigmatize them in any way possible.


Then, one incident interferes with a couple’s peaceful everyday life as if by chance, and shakes them to the core. 

“You’ve never said I’m sorry. Because saying sorry is an admission of guilt. That’s why you became a barrister.”


The sophisticated logic put forward in the cold court of law now returns as a blade that threatens each of them.

We are fortunate to encounter this play in 2019, but at the same time, we must answer this frightening question immediately!






Kitty and Edward have just had a baby. They invite their friends Rachel and Jake to their house for a party. At first glance, Rachel and Jake seem like a happily married couple, but Jake’s recent affair has placed a huge strain on their relationship. Kitty and Edward are divided over their friends’ issue. Then, in one of Edward’s cases, a rape victim gets defeated in the court.







Playwright Nina Raine

Nina Raine has directed plays in a number of major theatres including the Royal Court Theatre.

Her directorial work, < Unprotected >, won the TMA Best Director Award. Raine’s first work as a playwright, < Rabbit > , won both the Evening Standard’s Charles Wintour Award for Most Promising Playwright and the Most Promising Playwright Award at the Critics’ Circle Theatre Awards.


Director Kang Yang Won

Kang Yang Won founded Theater Company Dong in 1999.

His theatrical practice focuses on the flow and segmentation of unfamiliar and temperate languages, as well as on physical movement. Through long-term workshops with actors, he collects various ideas and integrate them to complete each scene.