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23 May, 2019~ 15 Jun, 2019

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    The Theater Pan 

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    Monday 14:00 ㅣWednesday, Thursday, Friday 19:30ㅣWeekends, Holidays 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

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    70 mins

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    *All performances are suitable for individuals or groups aged 12 and over (5th graders and above).


    Young-ji is a play produced by the TYA Research Centre at the National Theater Company of Korea targeting early teen audiences (aged 12 to 13).

    This is a play that an accompanying parent or guardian can also enjoy with their teen(s).

* Please ensure you arrive 30mins before the program time. The box office can be busy and you may need to queue.

* We will endeavor to admit latecomers at the first suitable opportunity, which may be the interval. For some Events late admission cannot be guaranteed.

* Re-entry is mostly NOT allowed. In an exceptional case of re-entering, you may be seated in alternate seat locations to avoid disruption of the performance.

* The discount on tickets will only be available when presented with the necessary papers or documents. Tickets have to be paid in full when they are not presented.

"A Piece of Poetry."

- Review from 2018 Play Reading Showcase




Fly up into the air.

Step into another world.


Young-ji appears. An eccentric girl who can summon a moon bike while her class is taking a test and can fly a cut-out –train of dachshunds with one quick motion. The story of Young-ji transports you from the hamster wheel of life to a place of magic, exploring the ever-shifting line between fantasy and reality, where our once veiled dreams surface to light up like fireworks. Kim Mi-ran, the director of I DO LIKE YOU which sensitively describes an emotionally troubled teenager, presents a vivid spectacle. Welcome all to Young-ji's world; let your imagnation roam free!





Bottleneck, an impeccable town with the title of "the cleanest town," comes a peculiar girl, Young-ji, a transfer student. "Hi, I'm Young-ji. I have the head of bird, body of a human and the legs of frog. I also have wings and a tail. I could be something different tomorrow and the day after!" Hyo-jeong, the town's mascot and So-hee, a model student are mesmerized by the curious stories and games Young-ji introduces, and cracks slowly begin to appear in the once perfect town of Bottleneck..


Writer Heo Seon-hye


Heo began her career in playwriting with her play debut, The Hamster Murder Case, at the Youth Sharing Theater Festival by Korea National Univ. of Arts and at the National Theater Company of Korea. She wrote plays for youths and also participated in alternative performances that use literature and theater as a medium, such as Five spaces Five plays and Swimming in Poetry. She is currently working as a creator in the creative group, Nabicori. The motto of her performances has been "Communication," which she prioritizes on stage.




Director Kim Mi Ran


Kim studied directing at the School of Drama at Korea National Univ. of Arts and is now a member of an artists group, Sogu, comprised of a director, designer and actors. She aims to create a play in which light, sound, arts, actors and literature are organically aligned with each other. In 2013, she made her debut with Short Play: Gregor Samsa. In 2016, Seagull B, a reinterpretation of The Seagull by Anton Chekhov was selected to play at the 37th Seoul Theater Festival: Young Directors and A Soaring Future. In 2017, I DO LIKE YOU as praised for its detailed portrayal of a teenager's emotions.