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[기획초청] 고도를 기다리며 Poster

Waiting for Godot

09 May, 2019~ 02 Jun, 2019

  • Venue

    Myeongdong Theater 

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  • Show Time

    Weekdays 19:30 ㅣWeekends 15:00ㅣNo performance on Tuesday

  • Tickets

    R 50,000KRW | S 35,000KRW | A 20,000KRW

  • Duration

    180 minutes

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  • Language Korean

    English subtitles will be provided on every Thursdays and Sundays.


    Age Restriction Suitable for ages 14 and over

* Please ensure you arrive 30mins before the program time. The box office can be busy and you may need to queue.

* We will endeavor to admit latecomers at the first suitable opportunity, which may be the interval. For some Events late admission cannot be guaranteed.

* Re-entry is mostly NOT allowed. In an exceptional case of re-entering, you may be seated in alternate seat locations to avoid disruption of the performance.

* The discount on tickets will only be available when presented with the necessary papers or documents. Tickets have to be paid in full when they are not presented.



It was worth waiting for Godot from Korea.

- The Irish Press (Ireland)



The world has recognized Lim Young-woong’s Waiting for Godot


To celebrate its 50th anniversary of the premiere in 1969, Myeongdong Theater of the National Theater Company of Korea presents the historical, long-lasting bestseller Waiting for Godot, which has received love from about 220,000 viewers from 1,500 performances.

Sanwoollim Theatre Company’s Waiting for Godot has become a monumental work in the modern history of Korean theatre, as it is the first Korean troupe to be invited to world-renowned theater festivals, such as the Festival d’Avignon of France, and to perform in Dublin, Poland, Japan, and other countries, receiving rave reviews from critics.

Experience the invigorating moments and honest performances of actors such as Jung Dong-hwan, Ahn Suk-hwan, Kim Myeong-guk and others who worked the stage of Waiting for Godot together for a long time.



“Nothing happens and no one comes nor goes.”


Under a bare tree.

Two people are waiting for “Godot.”

They don’t know who Godot is and why they are waiting for him.

At times, this story, which is both a comedy and tragedy, will cast a question upon you.


What is your “Godot?”



Samuel Beckett

A playwright and novelist who changed the direction of contemporary theater

Samuel Beckett won the 1969 Nobel Prize in Literature for Waiting for Godot, which depicts the absurdity, loneliness, and alienation of modern humanity, and created the new theatrical form of Absurdes Theater, changing the direction of contemporary theater. Since then, nearly 50 countries have performed and translated the play. And more than 50 years later, it has been loved by many audiences around the world.




Lim Young-woong

A theater director who captures humanity on the stage

He is the president and director of Sanwoollim Theatre Company and has been an active theater director for more than half a century, involved in a variety of productions. His staging experience abroad and 50-year career with his life-long partner, Waiting for Godot, has become a meaningful milestone for Korean theatrical history.