National Theater Company of KOREA

국립극단은 우리나라를 대표하는 연극전문 공익단체로서 명동예술극장과 백성희장민호극장, 소극장 판 등 3개의 연극 전용극장을 보유한 국내 최대 연극제작 단체입니다.

The National Theater Company of Korea (NTC Korea) is one of the nation’s flagship theater companies with the longest history of 65 years. Its inaugural production was Won Sul Lang – The General’s Son in April 1950. In 2010, in its 60th anniversary year, NTC Korea separated from the National Theater of Korea, the umbrella organization of national performing arts companies, and set out on a new journey as an independently incorporated foundation with two studio theater spaces in Seogye-dong, Seoul.

The year 2015 marked another historical moment for NTC Korea, as it announced its Season Company of seventeen talented actors and returned to its original home Myeongdong Theater (558 seats) located in the metropolis center, where it had enjoyed years of glory from 1957 to 1975 as the mecca of the nation’s performing arts. Now as the nation’s largest producing theater, operating three theater spaces, NTC Korea is ready to be an international center for drama, embracing the living legacy of the Korean stage, and open up new horizons for contemporary theater.

  • Official Name The National Theater Company of Korea (NTC Korea)
  • Address Space of Culture in Seogye-dong (Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater, The Theater PAN)
    : 373 Cheongpa-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04302, Korea
    Myeongdong Theater
    : 35 Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, 04534, Korea
  • Theaters Myeongdong Theater (558 seats), Baek Seonghui & Jang Minho Theater (190 seats), The Theater PAN (100 seats)
History of NTC Korea
  • 1950 Established as the Association of the New Theater and a resident company of the National Theater
  • 1953 During the Korean War, NTC Korea temporarily opened in Daegu
  • 1957 After the war, NTC Korea operated Myeongdong Theater as its own venue
  • 1972 NTC Korea held its last performance Songhakjeong at Myeongdong Theater
  • 1973 NTC Korea became a resident company of the National Theater in Jangchoong-dong
  • 1975 Myeongdong Theater closed
  • 2009 Myeongdong Theater re-opened
  • 2010 Officially registered as an independently incorporated foundation in Seogye-dong
  • 2011 Performed its inaugural production Oedipus at Myeongdong Theater
  • 2015 Returned to its original home, Myeongdong Theater, with the new Season Company of seventeen actors