National Theater Company of KOREA

Welcome to NTCK!

The National Theater Company of Korea (NTCK) is one of the nation’s flagship theater companies with the longest history reaching the 70th anniversary in 2020. Its inaugural production was Won Sul Lang – the General’s Son in April 1950. In its 60th anniversary year, 2010, NTCK was separated from the National Theater of Korea, the umbrella organization of national performing arts companies, and set a new exciting journey as an independent incorporated foundation with two studio theater spaces in Seogye-dong, Seoul. The year of 2015 marked another historical moment of NTCK as its relaunching of the Season Company of talented actors, and its return to the original home Myeongdong Theater (558 seats) in the center of the metropolis, where it had years of glory as the Mecca of the nation’s performing arts from 1957 to 1975.

Now, as the largest producing theater in the nation running three theater spaces, NTCK is evolving into an international center for drama embracing the living legacy of the Korean stage and opening up new horizons for contemporary theater. Under the leadership of the artistic director Lee Sungyol, a renowned theatre director, NTCK aspires to create the true national centre for contemporary theatre, where the identity of Korean theater is updated and redefined, and the nation’s topical issues are developed into international themes by most talented Korean theatre artists. With increasing repertories of contemporary adaptations of world classics and new writings, NTCK now presents more than twenty productions every year. With the richest theater programs in the nation, NTCK hopes to be the place for theatre lovers where everybody is welcomed any time of the year.

the National Theater Company of Korea